Author’s Forum Presents: Coming Out Swiss: In Search of Heidi, Chocolate and my Other Self: A Conversation with Anne Herrmann and Helmut Puff

Anne Herrmann is professor of English and women’s studies. She received her degree in Comparative Literature, with an emphasis in English and German literature and French feminist theory. Her primary interests lie in 20th-century literary and cultural productions. A particular focus has been questions of subjectivity as related to the performance of identities and issues of literary genre and language. She is currently working on a book on Switzerland, a work of creative non-fiction that engages with questions of citizenship, cultural production and belonging, and the politics of language within a changing Europe.


Helmut Puff’s teaching and research focus on German literature, history, and culture in the late medieval and early modern period. He specializes in gender studies, the history of sexuality, media history, the history of reading, and the literature of the Reformation and the Renaissance. Recently, Helmut Puff has moved on to research modes of seeing and visual culture in early modern Europe with a focus on German Renaissance art, especially Albrecht Dürer. His interest in the intersections between textuality, visuality, and spatiality, has led him to research the changing representations of ruins as well as the history of three-dimensional city models from the sixteenth century to the present.


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