Ann Arbor Book Festival Street Fair Exhibitors


ChicalooKate – ChicalooKate celebrates literature and Pop Culture one quote at a time.

Happy Sparrow – At Happy Sparrow, we find beauty in old, ordinary things. We search for each piece individually, trying to find that little bit of original charm. Once we have found the perfect pieces, we give new life to the things that people disregarded, transforming everyday objects into wearable and functional art.

Papermiel – Miel in Papermiel stands for honey. To me, honey represents words or sketches that will fill Papermiel journals by their sweet owners. I create paper vessels to hold peoples’ stories. To do this, I happily buzz around to collect inspiration and material to make funky journals and more!

Olivia J. Designs – Olivia J. Designs is home to unique one-of- a-kind leather journals. The artist, Maya Gold, combines her love of design, color, mixed-media and her own personal artistic flair to create her works. As a degreed book binder, craftsmanship and functionality are of extreme importance to Maya. The pieces in the Olivia J. Designs collection are specially crafted for those who desire a special place for their writings, thoughts, dreams and artwork. It is when your pen graces its pages that the journal becomes truly special.

Pretty Bookish – Pretty Bookish began with a box of old books. An idea was born to give these discarded books a new life by tuning them into pretty, handmade, repurposed products for people who are passionate book lovers and readers. Handmade products include jewelry, keychains, typography, and preserved book page flower terrariums.

Type Shy – Type Shy is a line of handmade and nostalgic papercut goods made with vintage materials.

Jennifer Talley – Amigurumi Crafts

Emily Fineberg – Handmade Books/Journals


Black Stone Bookstore & Cultural Center

Crazy Wisdom Bookstore

Common Language Bookstore


Nicola’s Books

Friends of the Ann Arbor District Library Book Shop

Literati Bookstore


Earthrise Press –  The mission of Earthrise Press is to reach the reader, American and international, with works of a global, world-embracing vision. Gazing from the moon, we see one Earth, without borders, Mother Earth, her embrace encircling one people, humankind.

Upper Hand Press – Upper Hand Press specializes in the gems that big publishers haven’t paid attention to. We like first-time authors and we love books that have been unaccountably passed over. What others call “taking a chance,” we call “publishing what we like.”

Caffeinated Press – We’re an independent publisher serving the authors and readers of West Michigan.

Twisted Word Publishing – My stories are about real-life events that happen to fictitious people. As is true in life, none of can know with 100 percent certainty how we will handle the tricky situations life throws our way. Neither do the characters in my stories. Always entertaining, you won't soon forget the memorable characters I devise. They are us.

Barefoot Books – Krisit Livingood – Barefoot Books Ambassador for children’s books publisher

Blue Harvest Creative – With over 20 years experience in design, publishing, marketing, and promotion, Blue Harvest Creative is a multi-award- winning author solutions leader specializing in creating professional print and eBook designs for the independently published. A full-range of custom services are offered including branding, websites, marketing materials, advertising, and more, with an emphasis on cultivating lasting author relationships. We bridge the gap between traditional publishing and self-publishing with our “partnered publishing” philosophy while allowing our authors to remain independent.

Novel Publicity –Melissa’s fiction is highly personal and often based on true stories. Writing is her way of showing her daughter just how beautiful life can be, when you pay attention to the everyday wonders that surround us. And whether climbing ladders in the corporate world or taking care of things at home, every woman has a story to tell.

Usborne Books & More – I truly enjoy getting kids excited about reading, educating parents and promoting literacy. “It” does begin with books and it’s my mission to help children discover the world.

Michigan Publishing – Michigan Publishing is the hub of scholarly publishing at the University of Michigan, and is part of its dynamic and innovative University Library.

Red Beard Press – Red Beard Press is a cutting-edge, youth driven business dedicated to publishing emerging voices and inspiring passionate authors.


Linda K. Sienkiewicz – author of award winning novel, In the Context of Love, contemporary adult fiction about a young woman overcoming societal shame.

Nancy Owen Nelson – author of five-star rated nonfiction book, Searching for Nannie B.: Connecting Three Generations of Southern Women.

Sara Crutcher – Heart Picked, LLC Heart Picked: Elizabeth’s Adoption Tale is a touching narrative that affirms love is what truly makes a family. This book was inspired by the authors own adoption story with the hope that children and families reading the book will gain a positive and confident outlook on adoption.

J. Powell Ogden – Young Adult Fiction – Loving books, especially paranormal, fantasy, science fiction and horror, I was often let down when the magic ended after the last page. I wanted a book illustrating a magic with staying power, and I set out to create my own. The resulting story about a boy who falls from a cliff and dies in the Cleveland Metroparks and becomes trapped there and the girl who tries to free him follows the two teens’ journey back from the dark into the light. Their struggles with addiction, abuse, abandonment and self-hate are not the stuff of magic. The magic in The Guardian’s Playlist Trilogy lies in the transformation of its characters as friendship, love, hope and faith in a power beyond ourselves are brought to bear. My young fans love my stories, feel them, and take away hope. That was my goal, and I’d love to share it with the readers of Ann Arbor.

Brenda Hasse – Brenda Hasse is an award winning author of Wilkinshire and The Freelancer, both young adult novels. She has also published several picture books for children. She lives in Michigan with her husband and cats.

Ray Gleason – Author of historical fiction-Vietnam War and Ancient Roma

Zev Lawson Edwards – Young Adult Fiction – The New Punk, printed locally at Edwards Brothers Malloy, Ann Arbor. Based in Detroit at an orphanage where the orphans don’t want to be adopted. They band together, create their own whimsical world, and stick it to The Man, a corrupt mayor.

Tj O’Connor – Tj O’Connor is the 2015 gold medal winner of The Independent Publishers Book Awards for Mysteries and the author of Dying to Know, Dying for the Past, and Dying to Tell. Tj is an international security consultant specializing in anti-terrorism, investigations, and threat analysis—life experiences that drive his novels. With his former life as a government agent and years as a consultant, he has lived and worked around the world in places like Greece, Turkey, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, and throughout the Americas—among others. Tj’s 4th mystery, New Sins for Old Scores, will be on published this year from Black Opal Books. Dying to Know is also a 2015 Bronze Medal winner for the 2015 Reader’s Favorite Book Review Awards, a Finalist for the 2015 Silver Falchion Award, and a Foreword Review’s 2014 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award finalist.

Willie A. Price“No Dream is Impossible”: Self-Awareness and Understanding your inner “YOU”. These are the characteristics needed for a Successful life.

Anissa ClayThe God Conception is a Young Adult Fiction novel by 16 year old Anissa Clay. The novel is the first in a trilogy and contains original songs written by the author.

Amiee Entwistle, Halle Weenie LLCHalle Weenie is a story about a beautiful sweet toothed witch who dreams of having green icky teeth.  She will go as far as to take candy from a sweet little boy named Eliot.  But when Halle realizes the error of her ways, she repays Eliot with a special gift for all the candy she ate and promotes healthy eating for all little ones.

Robb N. Johnston – Through my stories and illustrations, I hope to enrich, challenge, and inspire readers of all ages. I focus on themes of nature, the environment, and understanding.

C.K. Brooke – I am the author of 8 fantasy and romance novels for 48fourteen and Limitless Publishing.

Mark Love – I have a series of three novels that are in the mystery/romance genre (Devious, Vanishing Act and Fleeing Beauty) and one novel in the mystery/police procedural genre (Why 319?). All four books take place in the Metro Detroit area.

Keith Julius – I am a self-published author living in Southeast Michigan. I currently have two books available on line. Both are fiction, one a Suspense/Thriller and the other Contemporary Fiction.

Nicholas Hochstedler – I am an independent author that believes the best stories come from the profound pain, humor, and beauty of our daily lives. I will be promoting my debut novel, War in October. Set in Northeast Indiana, the book invites the reader on a journey through the psychotic mind of a witty old war veteran on a delusional, beer-drinkin’ mission for freedom.

Booker McCain – This exciting anthology of poetry comes from the students at The Academy for Business and Technology High School in Melvindale, Michigan. Each of these talented students carries a unique voice. Their poetry sheds light on their backgrounds, beliefs, and dreams. You will laugh, cry, and most of all, be inspired.

Rohn Federbush – Great Lakes Historical Romances and Contemporary Romantic Suspense Novels

Other Exhibitors

Library of Michigan – The Library of Michigan with the Michigan Center for the Book will feature Michigan focused literary programs, books, authors and events.

826 Michigan – 826michigan inspires school-aged students to write confidently and skillfully with the help of adult volunteers in their communities.

Ann Arbor Independent Booksellers Association – Our mission is to support and promote the unique offerings of Ann Arbor’s independent booksellers, and to make Ann Arbor a destination for book lovers to visit. We celebrate the impact booksellers have on our community and connect readers through events and a central resource endorsing Ann Arbor’s independent booksellers.

Ann Arbor District Library – The existence of the Ann Arbor District Library assures public ownership of print collections, digital resources, and gathering spaces for the citizens of the library district. We are committed to sustaining the value of public library services for the greater Ann Arbor community through the use of traditional and innovative technologies.